Imported Bloodlines

Imported Bloodlines

All of our working dogs are from imported bloodlines. We travel to Europe and Eurasia to visit show and working breeders and their kennels. We have made many great friends throughout our journeys and have found some of the best bloodlines in the world. Most of the dogs, if not all, that we work with and import are titled, many of which are champions in multi-national and world events.

Some of the imported puppies eventually grow up to contribute to the genetic diversity of domestically produced lines through carefully selected breeding programs.

We’ve also been providing first generation European imports to our friends, colleagues, and other professionals in North Carolina. Our own domestically produced puppies from imported lines have been immensely popular in the whole nation.  Due to popular demand, we also began to provide such quality dogs and puppies to the general public at large.

Importing dogs and puppies into the US from Europe

All of our imports are registered with their respective FCI affiliated kennel clubs. Puppies are registered at birth, and the export pedigrees are issued in the native country. Export pedigrees can be transferred to the AKC with full registration, which includes breeding rights. Puppies receive all the necessary veterinary care, receive the recommended and required vaccines, and are shipped once they reach the appropriate age.

Puppies are mostly imported in pairs within a crate. This helps with the stress of traveling and provides companionship. All the documents are prepared and handled by experienced professionals, and I personally bring the puppies to my home from an international port of entry. We integrate the newcomers into our established pack and provide a veterinary examination. So far, all the puppies we’ve imported have been generally very healthy, and extremely well socialized with people and creatures of all sorts.

If you’re interested in owning a purebred, first generation European imported puppy, please contact me via e-mail with all the details